Traveling with Peace of Mind

Our commitment never wavers – to earn your trust by always doing the right thing. As we explore the world together again, this will be more important than ever as we adapt to living and traveling in the presence of COVID-19.

Rapid Testing Prior To Departure For All Guests And Staff

Elevated Sanitation And Cleaning Measures

Social Distancing Throughout Tour

Cancel For Any Reason With Insure My Tour

The Lifestyle Venture Tours Travel Well Pledge

As a company, we will follow our enhanced protocols with diligence and rigor; review them frequently as the landscape changes and always make common-sense decisions grounded in purpose and pride. We embrace these new and necessary measures to combat COVID-19 and will do our very best to exceed expectations every step of the way.

From the moment a guest starts to plan and book to the moment they return home, Lifestyle Venture Tours has assessed every touchpoint of their tour to put in place the appropriate health and safety measures. Guests will be supported every step of the way with simple and practical information, clear booking conditions and supporting technology to make the process smooth and seamless.


Health screening prior to departure that comprises three comprehensive steps: a temperature check, a health questionnaire and a COVID-19 rapid test. Depending on the screening results and according to the guest’s medical or travel history, a secondary health screening or testing will take place. Any guest who tests positive, displays symptoms or a temperature will be denied boarding.

Supported by the introduction of new cleaning methods, the use of hospital-grade disinfectant products and the sanitation of the air on board with UV-C light technology that kills 99.97% of microbes.

Social Distancing will be enabled through the reduction of the overall capacity of guests on each tour, allowing for more space for guests.  Venue capacity will be reduced, activities will be modified to allow for smaller groups. When social distancing is not possible, guests will be asked to wear a face mask. Face masks will be provided daily during the tour.

“INSURE MY TOUR” is an optional but highly recommended low cost tour add-on that provides 100% reimbursement for prepaid and non-refundable tour payments. This is a great option that allows travelers to cancel their trip for any reason more than 48 hours before their departure date. NO QUESTIONS ASKED~ 

To be covered under the INSURE MY TOUR benefit, a traveler must cancel their tour in its entirety at least 48 HOURS before the scheduled departure date. With “INSURE MY TOUR“, it doesn’t matter why you have to cancel your trip – you just can.  Regardless the reason if you are outside 48 hours before your trip, you can cancel.

All of our custom designed tours are negotiated and contracted with our suppliers at least a year in advance. Tours are non-refundable at the time of deposit or full payment unless otherwise noted, you can now cancel for any reason you want. If your mom’s best friend’s uncle’s cousin became ill, you could cancel your trip. If you no longer wish to be in the same room with your traveling companion, let alone the same hotel room, you can cancel. 

Ongoing health monitoring will be conducted throughout the tour. Guests and staff will have their temperature checked daily either when they return from excursion or at dedicated stations to monitor the health status of every guest and staff member. We are doing this enhanced measure of protection to avoid risks to the health of guests and their fellow participants on the tour.

Our Staff

Prior to interacting with guests, each member of our field staff is trained in enhanced protocols and participates in a personal health screening.

Once on tour, our Tour Directors and supporting staff are responsible for maintaining these protocols with a special focus on cleanliness and physical distancing. They will relay critical information regarding requirements, advise when protocols are mandatory – such as wearing a face covering in group settings – and help facilitate guest care through communication with appropriate parties should a guest become ill on tour. All Lifestyle Venture Tours staff will adhere to the same requirements.

Guest Responsibilty

When joining a tour with us, every guest is responsible for their own health and, in turn, the protection of their fellow travelers, the Lifestyle Venture Tours staff, our suppliers and the places we visit. Guests will pledge to follow the direction of our staff and adhere to health and safety protocols.

Guests are expected to wear face coverings in all group settings, to wash their hands frequently and to adhere to supplier and government regulations. While supplies of face coverings, gloves, and hand sanitizer will be available, guests are asked to bring such personal items for their own comfort.

Small In Size

For many years, Lifestyle Venture Tours has emphasized and invested in one of a kind unique tours, resulting in smaller groups for activities like sightseeing and events. This is consistent with our mantra that “Smaller is Better” –  small groups with fewer guests.

We initially focused on these elements to improve the guest experience. Yet today they take on an additional meaning; small group experiences and more personal space are critical in providing the peace of mind our guests expect. Accordingly, we are offering even more small group experiences and limiting guest numbers across all of our tours.

Our Supplier Partners Are Ready For You.

Lifestyle Venture Tours is proud to have worked closely with our partners around the world, many of them for years, to deliver the quality, comfort and safety you expect. Whether it be hotels and resorts, cruise ships, restaurants, event venues or transportation companies, their meticulous health and safety protocols reflect their leadership and well-earned respect in the travel industry. The following are some select health and safety protocols. We will update these on a regular basis.


Our hotel partners all have world-class health and safety protocols.  However, these guidelines may vary depending on local situations and regulations.  Here are some typical examples:


  • Upon-arrival, health questionnaires and temperature checks may be required. Some hotels may even require daily temperature scans.

  • Social distancing may be required in public areas, bars and restaurants.

  • High-touch areas such as railings, door handles and elevators will undergo enhanced cleaning.

  • In-room measures may include removal of tent cards and magazines. Common use items, such as coffee makers and minibar amenities may be on demand.

  • High-touch areas, such as light switches, thermostats, remote controls and door handles will be subject to enhanced and frequent cleaning.

  • Guests will have the option to determine housekeeping frequency.

  • All hotel staff will undergo daily health screenings.


Keeping on-tour transportation safe is a major focus of our team who has worked with hundreds of partners to ensure continuity in health and safety protocols:


  • On motorcoaches and other on-tour ground transportation, such as airport transfers, guest should expect physical distancing and will be required to wear face coverings

  • Prior to each trip, our motorcoaches, vans, airport transfer vehicles and on-tour aircraft will undergo a deep sanitizing process.  

  • Luggage may also be sanitized at each movement. 

  • Drivers will wear gloves and face coverings during all guest-facing interactions. 

  • Drivers will frequently clean handrails, door handles, arm rests, tables, seats, air conditioning/HVAC units, restrooms and overhead storage areas. 


Lifestyle Venture Tours has always been known for a la carte dining; having more freedom to decide when and with whom to dine now has more value than ever. Additionally, our partners whether they be hotels, ships, special venues or restaurants, are raising their already rigorous hygienic standards. Here are some examples:


  • Waitstaff will likely be wearing face coverings and gloves.

  • Seating will be adjusted to accommodate physical distancing.

  • Self-serve buffets will be eliminated. Common use menus will no longer be used unless sanitized. 

 Local Activities.

Many of our experiences are exclusive and/or private and that’s important in taking care of you.  Whether it be a guided tour, a visit to an iconic museum or private home, a musical performance, or any other special Lifestyle Venture Tours activities, we are applying the same rigor to health and safety protocols:


  • Sightseeing is being adjusted to ensure proper physical distancing.

  • Admission times at venues may be altered to ensure no crowding.

  • Paper tickets, handouts and the like may be eliminated.

Ships and Boats.

We have worked closely with our cruise partners to ensure the best possible health and safety protocols and to ensure the care and service you expect from Lifestyle Venture Tours:


  • Guests on cruises will be required to complete a health questionnaire and will undergo a temperature check prior to boarding. In some instances, our ship partners will conduct daily temperature checks.

  • Face coverings and physical distancing will be required in most public spaces for guests and crew alike.

  • Meals may be offered at staggered times and self-serve buffets will be eliminated.

  • In-cabin measures include removing common use items. Coffee makers, minibar amenities and housekeeping will be on demand at guest discretion.

  • Ship staff will undergo daily health screenings.

  • All vessels will have medical staff onboard.

As we travel the world together, we are transformed by its cultures, colors and landscapes to become a part of something bigger than ourselves. We are exposed to truths that were unknown to us before we took the plunge into a lifestyle defined by togetherness, exploration and rich experiences.

Simply put, it’s a perfectly planned adventure.



Spectacular scenery, incredible sights and vibrant cities are just some of the many things you’ll discover on one of our multi day tours. 



What’s your dream golf adventure?




Frequently Asked Questions

What if a tour is sold out?

We’ll always encourage you to USE THE WAIT LIST!  When a trip fills, and it can happen very quickly, we begin a wait list. If there’s enough participation to fill a second bus, we’ll let you know.  We’ll also check with our wait list, should we have any cancellations, fielding those requests in the order in which they were received.

Can you find me a roommate on multi-day tours?

We get asked this question a lot, and the answer is always yes!  Don’t let the fact that you are single keep you from signing up for a tour.  The majority of people who travel with Lifestyle Venture Tours are single.  They sign up for a tour, we assign them a roommate, and they often go on to become lifelong friends.  We have decades of success matching roommates.

Can I pay single supplement on multi-day tours?

If you really feel that you’d like to have your own hotel room, consider paying a single supplement.  A single supplement is just the additional 50% on the hotel room expense that you would have shared with a roommate.

If the tour includes a ticket, when will I recieve it?

All tickets, passes, etc. will be distributed on day of departure. When you purchase a tour, your confirmation is automatically sent to you via email upon checkout. This is for your proof of purchase.

How do I pay for a tour?

You can pay for your tour by credit card via this secure website (easiest) or over the phone. We do not keep your credit card information on file.  Most reservations for multi-day tours require a deposit, with the balance to be paid closer to the date of the tour.

Where do I meet the bus? What kind of bus?

Our current departure locations vary based on the tour. Please see itenerary for exact locations and times.  We are pleased to offer 36 and 56 passenger luxury buses for your transportation needs. They are equipped with DVD player/video monitors, WiFi, lavatory, overhead lighting and airflow control.

Can I arrange a private tour for my club or group?

Absolutely! And there are so many great ways that we can work together.  You’re welcome to select a tour that is offered on our website or  call us to discuss planning a tour specifically for your club or group.  



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