The Best of Savannah and Charleston: A Tale of Two Cities September 21-25th 2020


Savannah and Charleston — the grand dames of the antebellum South. Journey from one to the other as you get a taste of Southern hospitality when you stay in Savannah, GA and Charleston, SC.

Five days and four nights, private trolley tours, horse drawn carriage rides and more.

Price includes:

  • Bus Transportation with Escort from Lifestyle Venture Tours
  • Four Breakfasts -Two Lunches – Two Manager’s ‘Happy Hours’ in Hotel – Four Nights in Upscale Hotels Hotel Indigo (Savannah Historic District) and Embassy Suites (Historic Downtown Charleston)
  • Savannah Trolley Tour – Charleston Carriage Ride, Charleston Bus Tour – S.C. Plantation Tour
  • Optional Three Hour Fort Sumter Ferry/Tour (Charleston)













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Refund Policy
Day Tour Cancellation Made Within

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